The stars are anything but aligned for the ladies of The Real L Word. This week Cori and Kacy find themselves in a situation that many women would consider unimaginable. Whitney and Sara are in post-engagement bliss, but spilling the beans to Whitney? This is also not the best time for Romi to find out about her ex-friends? A coincidental run-in with ex-girlfriend, Kelsey, threatens to push her over the edge. Romi seeks solace in a night out with old friends, but runs into more than she bargained for when she see? Things have ended between Amanda and Britenelle, leaving the door open for Lauren to add the?

‘Real L Word’s’ Lauren Russell a Gem in WeHo Scene … and her Jewelry is Fine!

Kiyomi McCloskey and her band Hunter Valentine has been tearing up the music scene since the group began in Ontario in Enter The Real L Word and things just got even better — just one aspect of the great developments. OFC had the opportunity to talk to McCloskey, The Real L Word favorite badass, about life and love when everyone can see, being on the road, and what the future holds for her and the band.

Who is romi from the real l word dating Log in Vegas, the country, Kiyomi while she could draw up on iTunes get married? dating ring lauren emma.

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Pretty used to being with Gwyneth. Regrets that her mother did not smoke. Frank in all directions. Jean Cocteau and Jean Marais.

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The Real L Word (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, Kiyomi McCloskey, 9 episodes, Lauren Russell.

I just remembered that I have wine, downstairs! Amanda arrives home, apparently, after having found part-time work as a Charly Baltimore impersonator, with big news. Amanda looks really excited about her news. I fully expected Lauren to go all Hulk smash, on Amanda. But, nooo, Lauren is too cool for school, about this revelation. I suspect that Lauren is, no longer, surprised when she discovers that Amanda has lied about something.

This is not cool. Also, what is the deal with New York lesbians? Claire, aka The Asian Whisperer, from last season, did the same thing. Gonna be on TV. She asks Amanda to be sure and give her enough time to find a new roommate, if she decides to move back to New York. Romi is excited because she was asked to host some events, at Dinah, as a celesbian… even though she really enjoys penis way more than any lesbian should.

Romi spends most of this scene infantilizing Kelsey and making her re-pack all of her stuff. Also, they make a pact to stick together, all weekend, and avoid the drama.

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Kiyomi McCloskey is the front-woman of alternative rock band Hunter Valentine. The Real L Word. dapperQ: So, you’re still dating Lauren?

OK, maybe love is too strong a word. Especially since they have my new favorite couple, Lauren and Kiyomo. From the start of the new season, as soon as I saw Kiyomi, I was instantly into her look. But her attitude in the first few episodes seemed a little douchey to say the least. Which, unfortunately usually only makes people seem more attractive to me.

Thankfully, nothing seems to tame a player quite like another player and Lauren seems to be hot enough to keep Kiyomi on her toes. Like OMG , I would so love to make out with her. And Lauren could come too. So yea …. Now enjoy the hot butchness that is Kiyomi. Does she remind anyone else of a gay, ethnic PINK? Or is that just me? Because even dude rock stars wear the smoky eyeliner. Do you think Lauren got to have sex with her too?

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Just like last year, there are cast changes. Past cast members Whitney, Romi, and married couple Cori and Kacy will return. Bring it on, Brooklyn! Catch a video teaser of the upcoming season — as well as full, official cast bios — below:. Whitney, the resident celesbian, is still the untamed lover of life. An undeniable woman magnet, her life is a complicated web of friends and exes…and exes who are friends.

Learn more about Lauren on the SHOWTIME Original Series The Real L Claiming LA as the hub of the lesbian scene in America, Lauren and her Kiyomi. Kiyomi. Somer. Somer. next. GET SHOWTIME EMAIL UPDATES. email. date of birth.

All work and no play would make Lauren Russell a dull girl, but we know better! Kiyomi and the band will play the House of Blues on Jan. The way their relationship played out on TV stirred up more drama for fans than it did for those involved due to editing, which showed that something romantic was brewing between Russell and her BFF, Amanda, who was also on the show. Keep that in mind when looking for something special for a loved one this holiday.

She applied for a spot on the third season of the popular Showtime show, which depicts the lives of real-life lesbians. I love a lot of the vegan restaurants around LA. As far as nightlife, it would be the Abbey, and Berretta at Revolver on Tuesdays. For now, Russell is concentrating on her jewelry line and spending time with Kiyomi. Do you like the Equality Bracelet? Journalist Laurie Schenden covers the entertainment industry, with many of her notable celebrity interviews appearing in the Los Angeles Times and other national and international publications.

As a longtime columnist and feature writer for the LA Times, she also covered events and California destinations for the lifestyle, Outdoors and Travel sections.

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Follow. Lauren Lewis & Bo (Lost Girl) played by Zoie Palmer and Anna Silk Anna Lauren & Kiyomi – The Real L Word Lesbian Quotes, Lesbian Love, The Real. Lesbian Kate & Erica – Dates Dates, All Things, Concert, Videos, Recital.

The Real L Word is an American reality television series aired on the cable station Showtime , where it premiered on June 20, The show was created by executive producer Ilene Chaiken and Magical Elves Productions, following the success of the television drama The L Word also created by Chaiken. The Real L Word follows a group of lesbians in their daily lives in Los Angeles , and as of the third season, Brooklyn.

With seasons 1 and 2 being successful, Showtime commissioned a third and final season, where there will be many new faces and a few recurring ones. The third season premiered on Showtime on July 12, It’s Valentine’s Day! Rose takes Natalie on a romantic getaway, where Natalie surprises Rose over dessert with sexy pin-up photos she’s had taken of herself. Sufficiently wined and dined, the ladies continue celebrating back in their hotel room. Mikey hits the road to Las Vegas for a fashion tradeshow and checks into a pimped out penthouse suite.

When Raquel calls to say she’s catching the next flight to Sin City, Mikey gives her assistants an unexpected new task – booking a wedding chapel. Now, if only Raquel can make her flight Having landed in hot water with her LA lovers, Whitney can’t wait to hit up San Francisco and rekindle her flame with Sada. After a blowout party, the two return to Whitney’s hotel room for a sexy swim and shower.

The Real L Word’s Lauren and Amanda Have Brains and Beauty: The Autostraddle Interview

By Mike Larkin. She shot to fame after becoming a cast member of lesbian reality show The Real L Word. Now Lauren Bedford Russell has revealed she has been inspired by Jack Osbourne to use her celebrity to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis. She only discovered she had the condition as she realised she was suffering symptoms similar to the English media personality, with her first ‘episode’ causing her to lose the vision in one of her eyes. Following her diagnosis July she has regained most of the sight she lost due to the optic neuritis.

Kiyomi McCloskey and her band Hunter Valentine has been tearing up the Enter The Real L Word and things just got even better – just one aspect of the woman she’s been dating Lauren Russell, who is also on the show.

Kiyomi McCloskey is the front-woman of alternative rock band Hunter Valentine. Hunter valentine? Definitely think you made the right final decision in the end. Kiyomi: You know…the band has been together for a long time. It started with us trying to get the name for a fictional character we created. Which is basically like a James Dean type character, like the ultimate heartbreaker. That was a long time ago, but it always stuck.

The Real L Word Season 3: Episode 6 Clip – Every Girl Says That